Instituto Superior Técnico

Development and Training: Designing, Delivering, Giving Feedback


In a changing world, we must respect and modernize the secular pedagogical tradition transmitted to us by the first Director of IST, Prof. Alfredo Bensaúde, responding to the needs of students and teachers and enabling them to meet the challenges of the future of teaching and research.

The new training and professional development program, under the responsibility of the Academic Development Office, aims to inspire the Faculty, Promote Quality Teaching and Involve the Academic Community. This program focuses on three main areas:

  • Planning of Curricular Units and Teaching and Research activities in accordance with the Principles of Constructive Alignment
  • Content transmission in order to position the student at the center of the Teaching-Learning processes.
  • Optimization of Evaluation and Feedback processes to promote People Development

These three areas of training will be offered to the Faculty and Researchers of IST at two times of the year, which will coincide with the student assessment periods, when more availability for complementary teaching activities is expected.

The annual calendar shall be published at the beginning of each academic year and circulated to the School by regular means.

The involvement of the entire academic community will be a priority, and some professional and interpersonal skills development activities are provided that support and enhance these three areas of training.